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Virtual telephone numbers, which are also called DID (direct inward dialing) and access numbers, are becoming more and more popular these days. Inasmuch as this unique type of a telephone number allows improving all spheres of communications including personal and business.

Virtual or network number is similar to the standard telephone number but it is not connected to any telecommunication line and operator. So, it opens a possibility to communicate via SMS and calls without a lot of restrictions and limits. Network numbers are not associated to a certain device and does not need a SIM card to function. Just assure access to the Internet and start communicating.

High-class services like Telnum (official website - offer different types of online telephone numbers. Thus, according to the duration of functioning, they are divided into:

  • one-off numbers
  • temporary numbers
  • permanent numbers

According to the area of number’s work, it is possible to distinguish:

  • local phone numbers, which function only on the territory of a certain region
  • toll free numbers, which work everywhere, if there is a quality network

In addition, online numbers are divided into:

  • numbers for messages
  • numbers for calls
  • numbers for fax

Key Features of Online Telephone Numbers

It is not just very convenient to use a network telephone number. It is also quite beneficial due to the following advantages offered by the number:

  • International calls are cheaper than local calls via ordinary telephone numbers
  • Access and use from any appliance
  • Easy and fast connection
  • Simplicity in deactivation
  • Possibility to have multiple numbers on one gadget
  • Protection of your real number
  • Availability to control statistics

In addition, consider that the acquisition and use of most of network telephone numbers do not require any documents or permissions. Sometimes just for the activation, it is necessary to provide an ID scan or address proof.


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